Philippine Outfitters offers exclusive graphic t-shirts for exceptional people. They wake up one morning and decide to do something different. They dare to meet other cultures, cross oceans, and take huge personal risks. They conquer their fear of the unknown and often come out with an experience they will never forget and friends that will last a lifetime.

Our graphic t-shirt company focuses on people in situations like mine. I had a Filipina pen pal whom I visited on a solo trip and married on the island of Mindanao. My adventure first began in the States when I met her aunt in a local copy shop. I simply asked, "You're Filipino, aren't you?" Well, now we've got a t-shirt for that.

Buy one today! Wearing one of our exclusive graphic t-shirts will bring you closer to someone you know from the Philippines and perhaps even inspire a trip, whether it's your first or a long overdue return.