About Us

It all started with one decision a long time ago . . . She whispered into my ear, “yes”. We hastily got married, and over a year later, we reunited in the United States. We have fond memories of Mindanao, and desire to return for a visit.

As the years have gone by, we have become like many families, with siblings in both the Philippines and the USA. Many have made sacrifices for a better opportunity here in the States. For us, we’re still waiting to reunite with a brother.

We now have children growing up speaking English with a mixture of Visaya, though two of our anak have not yet visited the Philippines. Our children have had fun with the unique expressions they learn from us, Filipino-American parents.

Many of the funny design ideas are from our children, and some are from family members who have left their homeland but have not forgotten. We hope our T-shirts will bring you a little closer to the Philippines, and perhaps, inspire a trip back.  RF

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