Philippines - Buy the T-shirt, Then Do It!

It's too expensive to fly to the Philippines. But that's typical for being a tropical island paradise on the other side of the world. Few can afford a plane ticket, but buying a Philippine Outfitters t-shirt can get you closer to the Philippines than you know.

In fact, the first step to reaching any goal is to make your intentions public. Let our t-shirts speak for you. Our graphic tees are so unique that you will be approached with opportunities, those with enough motivation for you to make it happen.

For me, that motivation was a Filipina pen pal, whom I visited on a solo trip and married on the island of Mindanao. This adventure first began in the States when I met her aunt in a local copy shop. I simply asked, "You're Filipino, aren't you?" Well, now . . . we've got a t-shirt for that.

Don't wait for someday. Wearing one of our t-shirts is the first step toward changing your life. Your adventure begins today! Buy the t-shirt, then do it!
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