About Us

The Philippine Islands are a beautiful and inspiring place with an unforgettable people and culture. This is the backdrop we want to recreate with our products. Our emphasis is on this place, and it is with a personal understanding of the relationships that exist between loved-ones oceans apart.

For us, it began on the island of Mindanao. She whispered her answer into my ear, then we hastily got married. Nowadays, our children are growing up speaking English with a mixture of Visaya. They enjoy using the unique expressions they learn from their Filipino-American parents (hence some of the funny T-shirt expressions). Though we've made America our home, we have fond memories of the Philippines, and we occasionally visit our distant family and friends.

We hope that your interaction with our company will bring you closer to someone you know from the Philippines, and perhaps, even inspire a trip, whether it's your first, or a long overdue return.